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Our team of experts have helped sell and source over 100,000 miners, 1,000+ hardware transactions, and have referred 100+ MW of hosting/power.
Whether you are a first time buyer or have an established operation – we are here to provide a seamless order and delivery process to maximize your time.

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You shouldn’t need to compromise safety for quality when it comes to mining infrastructure. Visit DELV INNOVATION to learn more about one of the first UL -Listed, turnkey solution in the mining community.



Our typical MOQ for purchasing any asics is 10 units. The MOQ can vary based on the type of unit so inquiring is always the best first step. Once we know your order needs, we will then be able to work on getting you the best deal possible.  

Yes, with our deep industry knowledge and connections we are able to help you access hosting with the most competitive pricing. 

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